Our Journey

The Beginning


It all started with playing Minecraft, but what came next was suprising. You Ask What that is? 


Keep reading to find out…

Our First Video // First Night Survival Beginner's How-To

The Journey Can Be Challenging

With a background in various fields over the years, and being an new Youtuber, the Journey and learning path to being an good creator, is both hard at times and also amazing. Its all part of the journey, but remember, enjoy the moments, continue learning, and sharing one’s love of what ever one is creating content on, the story, edits, and time one puts in shows in the end. The whole piece, from inception to upload is an amazing ride. 

What’s your story? 

Please share your story. Your advice, lets help each other make better content through our personal stories and make better content for all… one video at a time.